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Military and Airport Equipement Bio Chemicals


Self-priming water pump with self-lubricating rubber impeller that can tolerate small size impurities not abrasive.

Available with 230 V and 12 V  and 24 V motor.


Self priming pump, with body made of brass and gear made of bronze. Available with 230 V and 12 V  and 24 V motor. 


Self priming stainless steel pump with PTFE gears. Ideal to transfer edible fluids and chemicals.

Available with 230 V and 12 V  and 24 V motor.

4 – TR-ACID:

Drum and barrel electric pump suitable for acids and corrosive fluids.  Available with riser tube of 90 or 120 cm length.


Centrifugal electric pump, self priming,

reversible, ideal for chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and edible liquids.

Supplied on trolley.

6 – CHEM:

Three phases 400 V horizontalcentrifugal open-impeller design pump for chemicals with suspended parts and for liquids of high viscosity. Single phase motor only on demand.


Stainless steel low speed and reversible pump with flexible impeller. Suitable for transfer delicate and viscous edible and chemical fluids or with solid parts in suspension. Motor with terminal board connection only for MAXI model.


Explosion proof groups conforming to ATEX standard with body and impeller made of bronze, mounted on base.

On request available mounted on trolley and with single-phase motor.

9 – PERI – STAR:

Self priming peristaltic electric pump available. Suitable for transferring edible fluids, chemicals, liquid of high viscosity and with suspended materials.

Available with single phase or three phases motors.

10 – EF PUMP  :

Chamber diaphragm pump with motor 12 V DC, self priming and works dry without damage, suitable for chemical products. (N°*: numbers of membranes).

On request EF 5500 and EF 700 with 24 V motor.