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Category Industry Nozzles

Military and Airport Equipement Bio Chemicals

1 – RE / A

Manually operated transfer nozzle for industrial applications, diesel and light oil.

2 –  RE / PTFE

Manually operated transfer nozzle  made of bronze or cast-alloy with PTFE and perfluoroelastomer seals.

 3 –  RE / SOLV

Manually operated transfer nozzle made of bronze or cast-alloy for solvent or fuel transfer.

 4-  RE / AUT

Automatic nozzle with swivel connection, ideal for diesel.  INOX version is suitable for AdBlue.

 5 –  RE / AUT DIGIT

Automatic nozzle with electronic 5 digits flow meter. Pressure: 0,5 – 3,5 bar. Do not for fuels.