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1 – RD:

Bronze pressure reducing valve, for water. Female threaded body with 1/4” plugs on both sides to allow pressure gauge connection.

2 – PM:

Pressure gauge bronze tap,1/4” female /male

threaded  connection.

 3 – RD BOC:

Direct acting pressure reducing valve for water with brass diaphragm system, with hose-clip male connections. Body made of brass and stainless steel seat. 1/4” pressure gauge connection. * Available external sandblasted brass nickel plated version.

4 – RD INOX:

Pressure reducer valve in AISI 316 L with compensation chamber. Built in stainless steel, with outlet gauge connection. Available with two working pressures: 40 bar (PN 40) or 64 bar (PN 64).

5 – RD FLA:

Bronze pressure reducing valve with flanges and 1/4” plugs to allow pressure gauge connection. On request available cast iron version.